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2 years ago

Eco-Therm LLC

Eco-Therm LLC

11225 Covington-Gettysburg Road
Bradford, OH 45308, United States

Mon To Fri 08:00am-05:00pm

No one wants to live in a home with bedbugs running amok, but traditional extermination processes typically involve highly toxic chemicals.Eco-Therm, LLC, in Bradford, OH, is a safe non-toxic alternative to traditional pest control services.Pest-control chemicals can not only be harmful to children, elderly people, animals, and people who suffer from asthma, but they also cause much more disruption in your daily life. When your home or commercial building has to be fumigated for bedbugs, using traditional methods will require that you vacate the premises for anywhere from 24-72 hours. This means you’ll have to pack up your stuff, stay in a hotel, and spend money eating out until your home is livable again. When you choose to work with Eco-Therm, LLC, you can avoid all of that mess and still get rid of unwanted household pests. They know how to kill bedbugs without using harmful chemicals. Instead, Eco-Therm, LLC uses a state-of-the-art technique called Thermal Remediation®. It is safe, effective, and 100% chemical and pesticide free. The Thermal Remediation® technique uses the targeted application of heat to safely kill bed bugs without disrupting your home and family. Eco-Therm, LLC’s process is completely environmentally responsible and the entire extermination only takes one day. Most other competing eco-friendly pest control methods take upwards of a month! Thermal Remediation® doesn’t take as long because the heat immediately kills every life-cycle stage of insects, including eggs. The heat literally penetrates through walls, without affecting your building’s structure, killing even the bugs and eggs that are hidden from view. Getting rid of bedbugs doesn’t have to be a stressful process. The pest exterminators at Eco-Therm, LLC know how to treat bedbugs and how to prevent bedbug infestations in the future. They will work with you one-on-one, help you prepare for the heat treatment process, and make sure your infestations don’t resurface. For an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pest control services, call Eco-Therm, LLC at (937) 564-9216.